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Since 1990 we have been producing with care and skill a delicate Bottarga of excellent quality. This is the first product to which we have devoted years of research to improve its appearance, colour and flavour, processing the grey mullet roe, carefully dosing the salt and mixing it in with simple gestures, to obtain a golden bottarga, characterised by the scent of the sea and balanced taste.


The Tasty Bottarga

We prepare the Mullet Roe by hand, adding with care the right amount of sea salt of Sardinia, to create a Golden Bottarga, by its scent of the sea and delicate taste. Another prized speciality is the Tuna Bottarga, which is characterised by a darker colour, longer shape, and a bolder, more intense flavour. Both Mullet and Tuna Bottarga can be used in simple recipes, cut into thin slices, seasoned with extra-virgin olive oil and a drop of lemon.

Our Specialties

This line comprises particularly enticing delicacies: Cuttlenfish Ink, Sea Urchin Pulp, Fisherman's Cream and Tabarchino’s Pesto, ideal as condiments on Gourmet dishes. Le Mareviglie ‘s Cuttlenfish Ink is a delicious condiment and ingredient in seafood disches, rice, pasta and bread. The Sea Urchin Pulp, it’s one of the most sought after specialty by connoisseurs for the delicacy of its sea flavour. The Fisherman’s cream and Tabarchino’s Pesto are ideal for the preparation of first courses and for the cold dressing canapés.

Organic Ready to eat Sauce

A careful selection of Certified Organic products embody the freshness and intensity of Mediterranean flavours. The ready-to-eat Tuna sauce, Pesto and Tuna sauce “Carloforte recipe”, Smoked-flavour sauce, Veggie and Tuna sauce. A range of delicacies that are just perfect to make delicious appetizers or bread croutons with butter, or prepare tasty seafood first courses. For the seasoning of first courses, it is recommended to drain the oil of the package, add the finely grated lemon zest and EVO oil to taste.


Coupling tradition and innovation, our new lines are made with dedication and attention to detail. We offer products inspired by genuine flavours, by the authentic recipes and traditions of our island, where food is prepared naturally and fish processing is an ancient art, favoured by a pristine sea and still preserved with great passion.

News Le Mareviglie

Discover the news about the company, our fish specialties, events, curiosities and trends, tips for preparing simple and Gourmet dishes with our recipes.

At the Milan Fair Everything food

Also this year we are present at TUTTOFOOD in Milan to see our customers again, to meet new ones, to be able to appreciate our specialties. With us a nice group of Sardinian companies, with whom we have been sharing various fair destinations for several years now: Ajò, Panificio Ferreli, Caseificio Picciau Salvatore, Fattorie Enrico Loddo, Salumificio Campidanese “Su Sartizzu”, Pastificio Calitài.

New Brand Le Mareviglie

A new Brand Identity that will personalize the corporate and product integrated corporate image: from forms, packaging, company and product catalogs, brochures, websites and social media websites, up to the advertising campaign. Since 1990 with the historic Su Tianu Sardu brand, Le Mareviglie has been producing a delicate Bottarga of excellent quality with skilful mastery, the first product to which years of research have been dedicated to improve its appearance, color and flavor, working the eggs of mullet, carefully dosing the salt and mixing it with simple gestures, to obtain a golden Bottarga, characterized by the scent of the sea and a balanced taste.

XIV Coex Food Week Exhibition in Seoul

Savoring food, in South Korea is a pleasure, it is considered a moment of socialization: it is no coincidence, in fact, that in restaurants the arrangement of the tables is set up to accommodate many people and to encourage sharing and knowledge.

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